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Exclusive Use 


Here at Parnacott, we believe everything about your big

day is exclusive, creating and bringing to life your dream wedding, with an incredible day to remember!  

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Private &

Parnacott provides you privacy. It's set and surrounded by about 35 aches of beautiful private land. No unwelcome guests and a chance for you and your new spouse to let your hair down and celebrate in style. Making Parnacott house the perfect intimate wedding venue.

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An intimate Occasion

Whether you're saying you vows for the first time to one another, or you fancy renewing your vows after many years together, Parnacott is perfect.


Large or intimate, we can accommodate you. The Georgian drawing and dining room is perfect, for you- your new spouse and 16 family and friends. So what better way to say I love you then celebrating in an intimate timeless house in the country.


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Supporting You

Parnacott Weddings is a family run business, so we take the upmost pride in making sure your day is an incredible experience from start to finish. No detail too small.

We will support and guide you, as much or as little as you wish.

The choice is yours.

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Staying at Parnacott

Weather you desire a weekend or a weekday wedding, Parnacott can provide accommodation for just a night or a whole week. The choice is yours. The newly weds will have access to the spacious four poster room overlooking the front lawn, gardens and fields.


Feeling grand? Invite up to 16 guests with accommodation on the Parnacott estate. So relax in comfort, focusing on the important things, enjoying the special time, before, during and after your big day with family and friends in merriment. 

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